– on YouTube, tonight @ 20:00 CEST

Tveit, Barrett, Vinjar

where:YouTube: (link)
when:Wednesday August 11 @ 20:00 CET

Electric Audio Unit presents on Wednesday August 11 @ 20:00 CET a live
streamed Binaural concert with visuals on our YouTube channel:


Composers Natasha Barrett, Anders Vinjar and Anders Tveit are
presenting three different soundscape/field-recordings including
videos from unique locations in Norway and Poland.

Click on the link above/below before eight o’clock and enjoy 45 min of
pure listening!


  1. Anders Tveit: Currents (2021) 7:30
  2. Natasha Barrett: Microclimates III-VI (2007) 22:46
  3. Anders Vinjar: Seven Blues (2021) 9:25

This is binaural music, make sure to wear your best pair of

YouTube link: youtube.com/channel/UC8wnE4703FEoW-qsI1sS1qQ/live

This concert is funded by: