An Evening of Spatialised Electronic Music

Sentralen Oslo, December 5th 2018, 18:00

Art Work © Cristian Vogel

Curated by Cristian Vogel

Hosted by Electric Audio Unit


  1. SØS Gunver Ryberg, Shapeshifter (2017)
  2. Jonathan Harvey, Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco (1980)
  3. Anders Tveit, “And the ticks turn into tocks and the tocks turn into ticks” (2014)
  4. Cristian Vogel, Acceleration Morphosis (2018, wp)
  5. Koenraad Ecker, The Heart of a Stone (2018, wp)
  6. Cristian Vogel, WokeSeq (2018, wp)
  7. Banrei/Cristian Vogel, Cholalcho
  8. Tine Surel Lange, WORKSFORLISTENING No. 2 & 10 (2017, wp)

           — intermission —

   Film: Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message, Agnete and The Merman (2017, dur: 55′)

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SØS Gunver Ryberg

by director Evelyn Hribersěk for her Augmented Reality installation
‘Eurydike’, this music was originally spatialised in realtime on head
sets as an intimate experience for individual visitors. 

For this
concert, one of the pieces from the installation has been transcoded
into an immersive composition for a full audience to experience

Composition and Sound Design: SØS Gunver Ryberg
Spatialisation: SØS Gunver Ryberg
Mixdown at EMS, Stockholm.
Duration 3 mins
Format: HOA2D

Mortuos Plango Vivos Voco (1980)

Jonathan Harvey

1976 to 1980 my son Dominic was a chorister at Winchester cathedral.
During that period, and ever since, I have written a number of works
associated with that wonderful building and choir. Listening to the
choir rehearse, as I often did, with the bells simultaneously ringing
above, was one of the mingled impressions which started me on this work:
it is entirely based on the boy’s voice and that of the largest bell.
On this huge black bell is inscribed in beautiful lettering the
VOCO (I count the feeling hours, I lament the dead, I call the living to
prayer) The bell counts time (each section has a differently pitched
bell stroke at its beginning): it is itself a ‘dead’ sound for all its
richess of sonority: the boy represents the living element. The bell
surrounds the audience; they are, as it were, inside it: the boy ‘flies’
around like a free spirit.” 
Jonathan Harvey, 2005.

Plango Vivos Voco’ is an 8 channel tape piece that was commissioned by
IRCAM in 1980 and completed there using the most advanced spectral
processing of the time. It remains a significant piece for many reasons,
not least for the remarkable compositional language that emerges from
the manipulation of spectral analysis data. The original audio stems for
an octaphonic speaker arrangement have been re-spatialised especially
for this concert. This rare performance has been made possible by Faber
Music and IRCAM archives with the kind permission of Rosa and Anna

Composition: Jonathan Harvey 
HOA Spatialisation: Cristian Vogel at EMS Stockholm
Duration: 9 mins 
Format: HOA2D ( 8 virtual speakers )

“And the ticks turn into tocks and the tocks turn into ticks”

Anders Tveit

The title of this piece is taken from an answer given by free improvisation guitarist Derek Bailey to the question

happens to time awareness during improvisation?” The title refers not
only to my fascination with how we experience and perceive time and

sound material is based on a number of recordings of mechanical clocks,
timepieces and percussion. The piece was composed in 2013/14,
commissioned by EAU (Electric Audio Unit) with funding from The
Norwegian Composers Fund.

Composition and Spatialisation: Anders Tveit
Monologues: Andrew Hill and Myfawny Moore. 
Duration: 12 mins 
Format: HOA2D.

Cristian Vogel

Acceleration Morphosis

Beings that mesh out time
From deep within the Amazon
Have methods of acceleration
Which far exceed our own.

Composition and Sound Design: Cristian Vogel
Spatialisation: Cristian Vogel
Duration 10 mins Format: HOA2D
Special thanks to EMS, Stockholm where this piece was mixed.

The Heart of a Stone

Koenraad Ecker

…and the vitals hardened to rock, but still she weeps, 
and she is carried,
Caught up in a whirlwind, 
to her native mountains, 
Where, on a summit, a queen deposed, she rests, 
Still weeping : even to this day, the marble Trickles with tears –

(Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book VI, 295–323)

What if a stone could speak — would we listen?

stone : a metaphor for the most mundane of things — deaf, cold,
inanimate matter. Yet, it is anything but. Never inert, a stone is in a
state of constant transformation, a historical witness, inscribed with
the traces of successive ecologies. As the anxious relation between
humans and lithic matter takes centre stage, we are obliged to try to
think in geological terms once again.

thanks to the „ Studio fur Elektroakustische Musik” at the Akademie der
Künste, Berlin, where the sound material used in this composition was
recorded in October 2018.

Composition and Sound Design: Koenraad Ecker
Spatialisation: Koenraad Ecker
Duration: 10 mins
Format: HOA2D


Cristian Vogel

What happens in time and space when Global Sequences overlap? 
You’ll hear the music of the Higher Orders of Progressive Warriors. 
That’s what.
Re-activate space and time. 
Dis-activate hate and bigotry. 
Live in the contest of the moment. 
Wake up!

Composition and Sound Design: Cristian Vogel
Spatialisation: Cristian Vogel
Duration 3.5 mins 
Format: HOA2D



work makes use of impulses, bursts, and sirens, constructed from the
rejectamenta of the music sampling process. Sources are obscured and
listeners are confronted with the primal qualities of the
wavelines — roughness, harmonies, shapes. Bursts are an imperative to
break apart the authoritatively linear narratives of sound into a
collection of simultaneously possible states.

Corrido is a traditional Mexican ballad that rose to popularity during
the Mexican revolution. The Corrido became a method of disseminating
news, depicting the heroic feats of Pancho Villa and his rebel fighters.
Subverted by the drug trade, a new genre has emerged called the
Narcorrido. These songs detail the exploits of the cartels and their
employees as heroes facing impossible odds.

is a burst study on the popular Narcorrido “El Karma”. The moral of the
song is roughly: Karma comes and goes, but nobody can escape the
Reaper. Ironically, by the time the song rose to #1 on the Mexican pop
charts, its singer, the 22-year old Ariel Camacho, had been slain one
week prior in a suspicious car accident.

Concept and Burst Selection: Banrei
Arrangement and Spatialisation: Cristian Vogel
Duration: 6 mins
Format: HOA2D

Tine Surel Lange

W O R K S F O R L I S T E N I N G (2017- )

  1. №2: Roof work
  2. №10: Water and stones from arctic landscape (wp)

Works for Listening there is a strong focus on listening aesthetics and
our psychological categorisation of sound. Surrounding sound
environments are created with material taken from everyday life: organic
sound sources to a varying degree reconstructed by tone, percussion,
noise, resonance and voice layers. The sonic material in “Works for
listening” appears as physical and tactile, and often abstracted from
their original state. 

Surel Lange’s work with ambisonics is
based on mono sound sources placed in space where the development in the
material (pitch, filters, frequencies, dynamics) often are connected
and emphasised and with vertical movement.

Works for Listening is a series of electro acoustic works developed at Notam (Norway), MISC (Lithuania) and EMS (Sweden). 

Composition and Sound Design: Tine Surel Lange
Spatialisation: Tine Surel Lange
Duration: 2’20 / 5′

Format: HOA3D

Music Film

Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message

Agnete and The Merman

What can unite us when we come from different worlds?

Watch the film online

film is an adaptation of an immersive sonic theatre production
originally staged by the composer Cristian Vogel. The story is loosely
based on a Scandinavian supernatural folk ballad of the same title. In
the staged version, the actors and audience were immersed in the music
as it played through a 24 channel Funktion-One sound system set up in a
theatre in Aarhus, Denmark.

parallel film project was filmed on set during rehearsals and edited
into a movie by Tanya Goehring and Trevor Jacobson aka The Automatic
Message. The cinematography and resulting film capture in detail many
sensations of the original piece whilst extending the narrative in a
surprising way. The music score of the film is an adaptation of Cristian
Vogel’s original wave field synthesis score, but has been recomposed
entirely in Higher Order Ambisonics at Notam Studio Sirius in Oslo.

cinematographic content of the film captures in detail the sensations
of the immersive theatre performance, filmed on location with the
performers using high definition cameras and lighting. The film was
premiered in December 2017 on the famous ZKM Kubus spatial sound system,
as part of the InSonic2017 official selection.

Composition and Sound Design: Cristian Vogel
Spatialisation: Cristian Vogel
Video: The Automatic Message

Duration: 55 mins 
Format: Video and HOA3D

Supported by:

  PNEK   Notam   3DA