Puls concert #8: “Trond Lossius”, January 25th, 13:30-16:00

Welcome to event #8 in Electric Audio Unit and Audiorama’s PULS project, this time curated by Trond Lossius, who will present an installation and a concert consisting of 3D Ambisonics music and sound art.

The event is part of the FRST mini-festival, taking place at Visby, Gotland in Sweden (lenke til fb-event).

Program concert #8: Trond Lossius, “FRST”:

Saturday, January 25th, there will be an installation 13:30-14:30, and a concert 15:00-16:00. Program:

  • Installation, 13:30-14:30: Andrea Parkins: “Studio Drawing 24-4-19” (for 24 loudspeakers)
  • Concert 15:00-16:00:
    1. Ulf A. S. Holbrook: Tessallation rift
    2. Katt Hernandez: “Vart ska dem ta vägen nu?”
    3. Craig Wells: Mood Swing
    4. Trond Lossius: Edgelands

Watch this page for updates about concerts in the “Puls” series in Stockholm, Bergen, Göteborg and Oslo during winter/spring 2020.

More about Nordisk kulturfond’s “Puls” project

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