Tirsdag, 30. mai. 2023, 19:30.

Vitensenteret i Trondheim, Kongens gate 1.

EAU har bestilt nye verk av fire unge komponister med temaet: «Verden i post-antropocenen. Er dette slutten eller starten på en ny syklus?”. EAU spatialiserte verkene for framføring på konserter med mange høyttalere rundt publikum.


Electric Audio Unit er Norges eneste profesjonelle ensemble for formidling av elektroakustisk musikk, med spesielt fokus på flerkanalsverk, 3D-lyd og immersive lytteopplevelser. EAU ønsker å fremme elektroakustisk musikk i hele Norge. EAU består av profilerte kunstnere og utøvere: Natasha Barrett, Ernst van der Loo og Mathieu Lacroix . Ensemblet har siden 2009 gjennomført over 50 konserter med 440 verk på programmet, minst 84 har vært urframføringer, og cirka halvparten er bestilt fra norske komponister.

Verk av:

  • Kari Telstad Sundet (NO): All Machines Now (urf)
  • Louisa Danielsen (NO/SE): It’s for the Government (urf)
  • Martyna Kosecka (NO/PL) Still Life (urf)
  • Magdaléna Manderlová (CZ/NO): A Forest of Ears (urf)
  • Ernst van der Loo (NO/NL): Kýkloi Alpha & Beta
  • Mathieu Lacroix (NO/CA): Demiurge
  • Natasha Barrett (NO/UK): Pockets of Space (akusmatisk og video)

Kari Telstad Sundet (NO): All Machines Now (urf)

Is post apocalyptic dystopia and mass extinction leaving you stressed and sleepless? Don’t worry. Your friendly AI can help. Nothing like a nice soundscape to soothe those frazzled nerves. 

Kari Telstad Sundet is a Norwegian composer whose artistic focus is on the visual nature of music and sound, and on the way music can trigger our common associations and memories. She mainly writes chamber music with electronics. Kari makes extensive use of field recordings and archive materials in much of her work. Her music has been performed at festivals such as Borealis,UNM, Bergen Assembly and Sound of Stockholm.

Louisa Danielsen (NO/SE): It’s for the Government (urf)

Is it for the Government? (4:03) is a piece reflecting on our relation to material progress and development. The material used in the piece was recorded at different building sites around Gothenburg. It narrates a dialogue between machines and humans and how this relationship might develop over time. 

Louisa PaImi (b.1995) is a composer, musician and sound artist from Tromsø, Norway . In her work, she combines electronics, electroacoustics and 3D sound technology with dance and live performance. She is interested in how the feeling of space can be transformed by manipulating and spatializing sound. Her music is often based on field recordings and she often investigates social phenomena through the Arctic gaze. She has a Bachelor from the Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg and has studied under Natasha Barrett and Arve Henriksen.  In short time her work has gained recognition and has been presented several places in Europe such as Inkonst (Malmö), Palace of the Grand Dukes (Vilnius), Sentralen (Oslo) Insomnia Festival (Tromsø), 3:e Våningen (Göteborg) and Verona Resona (Verona). She has collaborated with several established artists such as Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive) and Toby Kassell (Dancer and choreographer). In 2023 she got the title Emerging Artist from the Arctic Arts Festival.

Martyna Kosecka (NO/PL) Still Life (urf)

Still life is a work of art that usually presents an inanimate object and tries to catch its immobilized essence. My composition is trying to capture the nature of the world after the ecological disaster that might occur quite fast if we do not take specific actions to stop this process. I describe three elements as the bitter symbols of the post-apocalypse: our decomposition and fall as human beings (corpse), global warming consequence (grains of sand and dry soil), and overtaking pollution (plastic). The only sounds incorporated in this composition create a still life of a new inanimate world: electronically transformed human breath, sounds of soil and sand, and finally, sounds of raw prerecorded plastic objects.

Martyna Kosecka’s music grows out of her interest in philosophy, physics, linguistics and the mythologies and fables of the world. She is a Polish composer, performer, conductor, curator and researcher in new music. In her projects she works with narratives, microtonality, symbolism and ritualism, by using multidisciplinary solutions. She emphasises the richness of transcultural relationships in art, drawing from the cultures of Iran, Poland and Norway, the countries she has connected through her life. Martyna currently lives and works in Oslo, where she is involved in the curatorial activities of VoxLAB, the Periferien contemporary music concert series and the Norwegian Society of Composers. Since 2018, her compositions have been published by Donemus Holland.
Her music is performed at festivals and concerts around the world, including the International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn, rainy days festival, OstravaDays Festival or Music Biennale Zagreb.

Magdaléna Manderlová (CZ/NO): A Forest of Ears (urf)

In «A Forest of Ears», Manderlová worked with field recordings, studio recordings of plastic materials and hydrophone recordings. A Forest of Ears is an imagined soundscape where everything tingles, sounds and listens.

Magdaléna Manderlová is a multidisciplinary artist based in Trondheim. In her practice, she likes to think, feel and dream through sound and explores listening as a tool to engage with the world. Inspired by acoustic ecology, she seeks reciprocal ways of relating and often engages with places and environments by walking and spending time with them. Her works in the form of sonic essays, field recordings, participatory soundwalks, site-specific projects, performances, and writings, have been presented internationally. Manderlová is educated in the art academies in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Trondheim, Norway. She co-runs Røst Artist in Residence program at Skomvær lighthouse, Sápmi-Northern Norway.

Ernst van der Loo (NO/NL): Kýkloi Alpha & Beta

Ideen  er basert på bruken av lydsyntesealgoritmer som Xenakis brukte i hans  elektroniske stykker Gendy 3 og S.709 sent i sin karriere. Spatialiseringen av  lydene vil bli gjort ved hjelp av sanntidsanalyser av data fra lydsyntesen. Dermed blir amplituden, klangfargen og andre parametre og kvaliteter til disse lydene grunnlaget for deres bevegelse i fremføringsrommet.

Ernst van der Loo (1974) is a Dutch composer/performer based in Norway. He studied sound engineering and electroacoustic composition & performance. He obtained a bachelor degree from the institute of Sonology in The Hague, The Netherlands and a master degree at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo, Norway. He studied with Kees Tazelaar, Richard Barrett, Konrad Boehmer and Natasha Barrett. He has been active as a performer in the free improvisation scene but his current work mainly focuses on fixed media spatial audio composition. He also worked in the theater sector as sound engineer and sound designer. In 2020 and 2021 he collaborated with writer/director Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem on the “Flettverk” audio walks.

Mathieu Lacroix (NO/CA): Demiurge

Stykket mitt er inspirert av volden i gestene i stykker som Jonchaies (1977) og Pithoprakta (1955-56). Jeg dekonstruere og dekontekstualisere flere av disse gestene for å utforske deres indre spektromorfologi. Disse bevegelsene deretter bli forsterket, forvrengt, strukket, osv. på diverse måter rundt publikum. Spatialisering er inspirert av Xenakis’ ulike akustiske rombruk i perkusjonsstykkene hans. I hovedsak kan komposisjonen beskrives som å gjenskape akustiske klangfarger i elektroakustisk musikk for å forsterke det fysiske og det tunge i Xenakis’ oeuvre.

Mathieu Lacroix er en fransk kanadisk komponist, produsent, musiker og programmerer bosatt i Norge siden 2010. I sin musikk prøver han å sidestille elektroakustiske og akustiske tradisjoner, med mål om å skape relevant samtidsmusikk. Han er interessert i hvordan man kan få musikere og datamaskiner til å kunne tolke hverandre innenfor den klassiske tradisjonen. Han jobber med Trondheim Sinfonietta, Elektroakustisk Trondheim og Electric Audio Unit. I 2021 fullførte han en doktorgrad om synkroniseringsstrategier i mixed music. Musikken hans har blitt spilt i over 10 land verden over.

Natasha Barrett (NO/UK): Pockets of Space (akusmatisk og video)

Music: Natasha Barrett / Video: Open Ended Group

Pockets of Space is a collaboration between composer Natasha Barrett (NO/UK) and visual artists Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser, known collectively as OpenEndedGroup (USA). The original work was for 7th order 3D ambisonics (high resolution 3D sound for a 64-loudspeaker hemisphere), 3D video and interactive 3D VR. This concert is performed with 2D video projection. Pockets of Space is an intricate interplay between our consciousness, computational systems, and our physical environment. Everywhere we look and hear, points and lines of light and sound form tangled networks that continually reshape themselves. Sound and images gather into masses, scamper into noise and then invert into purer tones, before coalescing to reconfigure space. These otherworldly computer visions are all somehow conjured up from close readings of the real world; a connection revealed when on reaching the end, we see the work materialize in reality. The work was commissioned by IRCAM and premiered at the Pompidou Centre, Paris.

Natasha Barrett is a composer specialising in acousmatic and live electroacoustic concert works, sound-art, installations and interactive music. Her work is often created by exploring cutting-edge audio technologies, yet strives for the music and not the technology to take centre stage. She has produced internationally acclaimed music and research in fields of 3-D sound, sonification and geoscience, and collaborates with performers, visual artists, architects and scientists. Recent collaborations include 3-D video artists OpenEndedGroup (USA), vocal ensemble Nordic Voices (NO), soloists Karin Hellqvist (SE) and Nils Henrik Asheim (NO), and geoscientists at the University of Oslo. She has received 26 prizes in international competitions, notably the Nordic Council Music Prize and the Concours International de Musique Electroacoustique Bourges ‘Euphonie D’Or’. Beside her work as an independent composer, she is active in performance and education.