Electric Space Escaped


Welcome to ‘The Electric Space Escaped HYBRID’ concert.

Acousmatic 3-D electroacoustic music, hybrid ambisonics and sound diffusion performance over 16 loudspeakers.

After four successful and intimate events in the Electric Space Series, EAU have launched themselves into a new and larger space central to Oslo. New space, new sound, new size, new music! Sentralen venues will be our concert playground on the 4th October where you can be the first to experience our new program before we perform at GRM (Paris).

Program Sentralen P1, Oct. 4th 19:00.

  • Natasha Barrett: He slowly fell and Transformed into the Terrain (24’00, 2016).WP Hybrid 3-D ambisonics.
  • Anders Tveit: Ombre Cinesi II (9’00, 2016).WP. Hybrid 3-D ambisonics.
  • Arne Nordheim: Solitaire (12’00, 1968). New spatialisation.
  • Tor Halmrast: Aqueduct (12’55, 1992). Live, sound diffusion performance.
  • Frank Ekeberg: Intra (12’35,1999). Live, sound diffusion performance.
  • Anders Vinjar: Le camere invisibili (13’00, 2016). Hybrid 3-D ambisonics



Follow the website for updated information on our diverse program of live and immersive electroacoustic music and live electronics.

The Electric Space Series concert no.4


Welcome to the forth concert in The Electric Space Series, featuring 3D electroacoustic acousmatic music performed over 47 loudspeakers.

The Electric Space Series concert number 4 is brought to you in collaboration with EAU. We feature Anders Vinjar’s latest commission ‘Le camere invisibili’, hot off the press, premiered only a few days earlier at Borealis 2016 (Bergen). We’re also setting up an acousmatic show of Tor Halmrast’s classic ‘Aqueduct’, composed for the Norwegian Pavillion at the Expo 92 in Sevilla. Another major work on the program is Fernando Lopez-Lezcano’s ‘Space, Sacred, Secular’. This work places us inside the real acoustics of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, which was once a cathedral, a mosque and is now a secular museum. Fernando has developed his own method for capturing the 3-D acoustics which he applies in his composition. The concert concludes with a dynamic work from Quebec composer Gilles Gobeil – a star of the French-Canadian acousmatic scene who has won over 20 national and international awards, including the Ars Electronica.

As normal, these exclusive events are FREE, but will have limited seating. Each month the demand leads to an inevitable repeat performance, so this time we advertise two slots: 17.00 and 18.00. Sign up to ensure a seat!:

The Electric Space Concert Series 3

Concert 3:
17th February, 17.30-18.15
Welcome to the third concert in a new series featuring 3D electroacoustic acousmatic music performed over 47 loudspeakers.
These exclusive events are FREE but will have limited seating. To sign up and ensure a place, please use this link: 
This third concert in the Electric Space Series is brought to you in collaboration with the performance group EAU (Electric Audio Unit). The program features two works by EAU’s members: Anders Tveit and Natasha Barrett. Alongside these two pieces are works by three internationally famous composers: Horacio Vaggione (AR/FR), Francis Dhomont (CA) and Robert Normandeau (CA). The works by Vaggione and Dhomont receive their first performance in Norway. Normandeau’s ‘Clair de terre Ouverture’ is a new 16-ch version made for us by the composer!

Despite the pieces in this concert spanning 25 years of acousmatic history and technological developments, amongst their diversities are also found similarities in the language of musical gestures that grip the listener throughout, and in the works balancing along a line between concrete and abstract music and imagery.
An exciting concert of 3-D Ambisonics and sound diffusion performance not to be missed!


  • Vaggione (AR): 24 Variations. (2001) Stereo diffusion over 3-D ambisonics.
  • Tveit (NO): Ierotelestia. (2013, concert remix 2015) Stereo diffusion over 3-D ambisonics.
  • Barrett (NO/UK): Topology Chamber 2. (2015) 3-D Ambisonics.
  • Dhomont (CA): Chambre de ténèbres and Chambre de lumière from Forêt Profonde. (1994) Stereo diffusion over 3-D ambisonics.
  • Normandeau (CA): Clair de terre Ouverture. (1999, rev. 2016). 16-ch set inside 3-D Ambisonics

BYOS -Bring Your Own Speaker

Komponistgruppen EAU (Electric Audio Unit) fremfører elektronisk musikk diffusert over et høyttalerorkester i stua på Biermannsgården.
I god, gammeldags fransk elektroakustisk tradisjon med høyttalerorkester, inviterer vi til å ta med dine gamle (eller nye) høyttalere som så utgjør de ulike stemmene i musikken, små eller store, rare eller fine, alt går!
I tillegg, ta med dine egne stereo komposisjoner så lærer du å diffusere dette over høyttalerorkesteret.Vi starter dagen med en mini-workshop hvor vi bygger opp orkesteret, lærer mer om diffusjon, fremføringsteknikker og ikke minst prøve ut deltagerenes eget materialet over høyttalerorkesteret.

Vi starter konserten med noen elektroakustiske klassikere som Bernard Parmegiani: De Natura Sonorum og Francois Bayle: L’expérience acoustique
Etterfulgt av deltagerenes egne komposisjoner.

Det vil bli servert kaffe,mineralvann og kaffemat under workshop og konsert.

Fredag 15 januar, Biermannsgården
Mini-workshop kl. 11-17.00
Konsertstart kl. 20.00

Workshop og konsert er gratis!

EAU er Anders Vinjar, Natasha Barrett og Anders Tveit.

For påmelding: anders.tveit(at)gmail.com


1: Rockheim, Trondheim. [2014-11-28]

    • Mathieu Lacroix: The Bells
    • Natasha Barrett: Flammepunkt
    • Anders Vinjar: Ups-Downs-Ins-Outs vs. Popeyes
    • Håkon Stavik Rønning:  Kairos (WP)
    • Julia Sivertsen: I mørke natten blå (WP)
    • Anders Gordon Lilly: Spatium (WP)
    • Øystein Marker: GlasssalG (WP)

2: «Flammepunkt»Lydgalleriet, Bergen. [2014-12-09]

    • Anders Tveit: And the ticks turns into tocks and the tocks turn into ticks (WP)
    • Natasha Barrett:Flammepunkt
    • Anders Vinjar: Aria ex aria
    • Ruben Sverre Gjertsen: Territorial behaviours (WP)

3 MULTI : «Corpus» Borealis festival, Bergen [2015-03-12]

    • Thorolf Thuestad: Corpus (WP)
    • Natasha Barrett: Volvelle 1 (WP)
    • Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi:  Mouseion (WP)
    • Bethan Parkes: Adrift (Waves)

4 «Immersive sound» Riksscenen, Oslo [2015-07-03]

    • David Monacchi (IT): A Path into Rainforest (2008)
    • Natasha Barrett Topology: Chamber 2 (2015, WP)
    • Anders Vinjar:  I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (2015, WP)
    • Anders Tveit: And the ticks turns into tocks and the tocks turn into ticks (2014)
    • Robert Normandeau (CAN):
      Anadliad (2010)
      La part des anges (2011)
      Jeu de langues (2009)
      Éden -new version, especially for this concert!  (2003/2015, WP)

Immersive sound concert on Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) presents electro acoustic works in 19 speakers immersive 3d sound on July 3rd 2015 at Riksscenen, Oslo Norway.

The Canadian composer Robert Normandeau is resident composer at Notam June 19 to July 11 and is the very first guest in Notam’s brand new studio for immersive sound. In addition to a 60th anniversary portrait concert of his works , the concert will also feature works and world premiers by Norwegian composers Anders Vinjar, Natasha Barrett, Anders Tveit and Italian composer David Monacchi.

Friday 3 July, 2015 – 19:00 PM @ Riksscenen,Oslo Norway. Free entrance.



David Monacchi (IT): A Path into Rainforest

Natasha Barrett (NO/UK): Topology Chamber 2 (world premier)

Anders Vinjar (NO): I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (world premier)

Anders Tveit (NO): The Ticks turn into Tocks and the Tocks turn into Ticks

Robert Normandeau (CAN):

  • Anadliad
  • La part des anges
  • Jeu de langues
  • Éden (world premier of new version made especially for this concert!)

The concert is supported by: