27. juni kl 19-20.15 på Vitensenteret i Trondheim

Electric Audio Unit kommer igjen til Trondheim for å spille 3D elektronisk musikk på Vitensenteret. Vi bruker de 36 høyttalerne som er i planetarium til å lage en sterk opplevelse med lyd rundt hele publikum.

Pris: Gratis


Natasha Barrett – The Weathered Piano (2019)

The seasons are disrupted. Freezes and thaws, storms and heatwaves. The ‘Weathered Piano (quattuor tempora anni)’ adventures along an acousmatic line through this landscape, the sounds subjected to the seasonal changes, the sounds becoming one with the land, a memory of the present before the future climate takes hold. The work has four seasons that play without pause.

– Autumnus (autumn): late summer dissolves into autumn. Storms, tearing.
– Hiems (winter): arctic winds, the cold creeping in, a last burst of energy as the light fails, the freeze.
– Ver (spring): cracks appear, bursting, fighting, the light returns, spring rains heavy then calmer.
– Aestas (summer): warm twilight evenings, extending time. Daytime brings passing company. The sun smashes into the piano’s varnish, glares off the brass, rebounds off the strings.

The composition was made by applying my own methods for analysing spatial information in the 3D recordings of a real “weathered piano” that had stood for many years outside CCRMA. I segmented and classified the recordings based on their spatial-spectral features, and explored principle trends, consistencies and variances in the materials using music information retrieval and machine learning. The results were then used to train a system that would reveal rules useful for composition. From these rules the work gradually took shape. ‘Autumnus’, ‘Hiems’ and ‘Ver’ are made with their own systems derived from specific sounds from the piano and from the local nature. ‘Aestas’ presents a freer connection between piano and nature through my experience of sound, what is heard, what is unheard, and the forest close to where I live.

The Weathered Piano is composed in 64-ch 7th order 3D ambisonics. It was commissioned by EAU (Electric Audio Unit) with support from the Arts Council Norway and premiered in Oslo on the 28th February 2020. The original ‘weathered piano’ from which the source sounds were recorded maybe still sits outside CCRMA, Stanford (USA).

Natasha Barrett is a composer exploring new technologies and experimental approaches to sound in a broad range of contemporary music, including concert works, public space sound-art installations and audio-visual live electronics. She is internationally renowned for her work with live electronics, computers, acousmatic music and use of 3D sound technology in composition. Her work is commissioned and performed throughout the world and has received 29 international awards, many of which are first prizes, including the most prestigious prize available for Nordic composers, The Nordic Council Music Prize, as well as prizes in two Ars Electronic competitions. Over recent years she has also developed her profile as a visual artist, creating numerous works for real-time computer graphics as an integral part of the performance, in composed and improvised works.

In addition to her solo career, she regularly collaborates with performers, visual artists, architects and scientists. Highlights include 3D audio-visual art-works with the USA-based OpenEndedGroup jointly commissioned by IRCAM (FR), EMPAC (USA) and the Ultima Festival (NO), sound-architectural installations in collaboration with OCEAN Design Research Association (NO), science-art applications of sonification in collaboration with the department of geosciences at the University of Oslo (NO), and live electronics collaborations with many soloists and ensembles including Ensemble l’Itinéraire (IRCAM, FR), Norway’s Cikada quartet and Nordic Voices. For more info: www.natashabarrett.net

Mathieu Lacroix – Corium I (2024)

Corium is a material that is created from a nuclear meltdown accident, such as during the Chernobyl accident. Its texture looks similar to molten lava and it may be heated up to 2 500 degrees celcius. The radiation is so intense that even decades later it can distort photographies and instantly kill.

Composed with the support of Kulturdirektoratet.

Mathieu Lacroix is a French-Canadian composer and performer working in Norway. He has studied and/or worked with composers such as Natasha Barrett, Hans Tutschku, Kaija Saariaho, Jaime Reis, Ståle Kleiberg, Michael Obst, and Annette vande Gorne. He completed his studies at NTNU, IRCAM, and Musiques & recherches. He has been invited to festivals such as Mixtur, Meta.Morf, Only Connect and Manifeste. His music is performed in over thirteen countries on three continents. He is a member of the Electric Audio Unit with Natasha Barrett and Ernst van der Loo. He also works in Electroacoustic Trondheim, and worked with Trondheim Sinfonietta for 7 years. His PhD was synchronization strategies in mixed music.His music aims to make electronics and acoustic performers react to each other and interpret music together as a living ecosystem. He is an associate professor in composition and music production at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He also works as a producer for various ensembles and bands.

Ernst van der Loo – Void Population (2024)

Void population is a term borrowed from the field of astrophysics. More specifically it refers to the mapping of ’empty’ spaces between galaxies in our observable universe. But this is not what this piece is about. Actually this piece isn’t so much about anything at all.
Perhaps the piece is just a void for the listener to get lost in.

The sound materials for this piece were generated using the Buchla 200 system and the clone of the Buchla 100 synthesizer at EMS studios in Stockholm, Sweden during a residency in December 2022. “Void Population” was composed during May and June of 2024 in Norway at the composer’s home studio and at Notam’s studio 3.

Ernst van der Loo is a Dutch composer/ performer based in Norway. He studied sound engineering and electroacoustic composition & performance. He obtained a bachelor degree from the institute of Sonology in The Hague, The Netherlands and a master degree at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo, Norway. 

His main field is acousmatic spatial audio composition in the fixed media format and has created several GPS triggered sounds walks and did sound design for theater.
His work has been played at international festivals in the spatial audio field. Works have been performed at: BEAST FEaST (UK), Klingt Gut (DE), SOSSA 2019 (KR), the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival (USA), ISAC 2023 (IT). 

Alle stykkene er i 3D lyd / ambisoni.

Støttet av Kulturdirektoratet.