PULS II: “Non-Frontal” @ ekko.no

NOVEMBER 5, 19:30
📍Østre, Bergen

This next concert in Audiorama and EAU’s PULS series is presented in collaboration with ekko.no in Bergen, curated by Audiorama, presenting works from the Swedish community of electroacoustic composers.

A carefully selected set of works all using human voice as source, will be spatialized in full 3D over an Ambisonics loudspeaker rig.


This PULS concert is presented by EAU in collaboration with Audiorama and ekko.no.

PULS is The Nordic Culture Fund’s four-year music initiative 2017-2021 aiming to strengthen the Nordic live music scene: puls.nordiskkulturfond.org

Watch this page for updates about our concerts in the “Puls” series in Stockholm, Bergen, Göteborg and Oslo.

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