Electric Edge tour: 3rd-4th / 12th Dec 2022

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) and the Swedish Audiorama present our biggest Norwegian PULS-IV concert weekend to date, at the renowned Henie Onstad Arts Center, 3rd-4th December 2022, followed by a double concert evening at Fylkingen, Stockholm on the 12th December 2022.

Over a full 3D 32 channel loudspeaker array, the first day at HOK features a homage to the late Tor Halmrast where EAU performs world-premiers of his last trilogy for live electronics and 3D sound, with the pianist Sanae Yoshida, the second version of Natasha Barrett’s ‘Transformer’ for real-time AI performance with live electronics, 3D sound and 3D digital graphics and soprano Silje Aker Johnsen, a new live set from Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet, live electronics and 3D sound) and a premier from the Danish composer Lola Ajima.

On the second day EAU presents two splitting new commissions from Mathieu Lacroix and Ernst van der Loo and our collaboration with the Swedish performance group Audiorama playing works from Nordic composers, including premiers by Magnus Bunnskog, Marcus Wrangö, Kajsa Lindgren and Maria W Horn.

On the 12th December, Audiorama also installs a full 3D 32 channel loudspeaker array, this time at Fylkingen in Stockholm, and to the program we add the video work ‘Portrait of Mrs Alwing’ by Tine Surel Lange.

Created with support from NorskKulturrådet, Norsk Komponistforeningen, Nordic PULS, Henie Onstad Arts Centre, Music Norway and Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere.

Tickets: www.hok.no/arrangementer/electric-edge



Saturday 3rd December, 15.00-16.00.

  • Natasha Barrett (NO): “The Transformer #2”. Live electronics, 3D sound, real-time 3D digital graphics, with soprano Silje Aker Johnsen.
  • Lola Ajima (DK): “Ejection chain reaction”. Acousmatic, 3D sound. World-premier.
  • Hilde Marie Holsen: “Enjnj’kvestra astra” (rev. 2022). Trumpet, live electronics.
  • Tor Halmrast (NO): “FLUTR” (version 2022), “POLINES I” and “POLINES II” (2022). Live spatialisation and work interpretation by EAU, with pianist Sanae Yoshida. World-premiers.

Sunday 4th December, 15.00-16.00:

  • Magnus Bunnskog (SE): “Agens”. Video and acousmatic 3D sound. World-premier.
  • Marcus Wrangö (SE): “Structerm Array”. Analogue synths, live electronics. World-premier.
  • Kajsa Lindgren (SE): “Macrocosm”, Acousmatic 3D sound.
  • Mathieu Lacroix (CA/NO): “Demiurge – Xenakis’ 100 year celebration”, acousmatic 3D sound. World-premier.
  • Ernst van der Loo (NO): “Kýkloi Alpha & Beta – Xenakis’ 100 year celebration”, acousmatic 3D sound. World-premier.
  • Maria W Horn (SE): “CD-R/Cyanide”, acousmatic 3D sound. World-premier.

Monday 12 December, 18.00-20.30.

  • Natasha Barrett (NO): “The Transformer #2”. Live electronics, 3D sound, real-time 3D digital graphics, with soprano Silje Aker Johnsen.
  • Lola Ajima (DK): “Ejection chain reaction”. Acousmatic, 3D sound.
  • Mathieu Lacroix (CA/NO): “Demiurge – Xenakis’ 100 year celebration”, acousmatic 3D sound.
  • Ernst van der Loo (NO): “Kýkloi Alpha & Beta – Xenakis’ 100 year celebration”, acousmatic 3D sound.
  • Tine Surel Lange (NO): “Portrait of Mrs Alwing”, video and acousmatic sound.
  • Magnus Bunnskog (SE): “Agens”. Video and acousmatic 3D sound.
  • Marcus Wrangö (SE): “Structerm Array”. Analogue synths, live electronics.
  • Kajsa Lindgren (SE): “Macrocosm”, Acousmatic 3D sound.
  • Maria W Horn (SE): “CD-R/Cyanide”, acousmatic 3D sound.

Program notes and composer biogs

About the pieces: Program 1

  • Natasha Barrett (NO): The Transformer #2. Live electronics, 3D sound and video, with soprano Silje Aker Johnsen. 23-25 mins.

“The Transformer #2” is the second version of an audio-visual performance instrument created by Natasha Barrett using the latest in computer vision, sound analysis and AI. “The Transformer #2” begins by listening and seeing in ways similar to our own senses. It then creates its own real-time video and immersive 3D sound as a controlled hallucination trained on the voice and movement of Silje Aker Johnsen. The work is supported by the Fond for Lyd og Bilde and the The Composers’ Remuneration Fund (Komponistenes Vederlagsfonds).

Natasha Barrett is a composer exploring new technologies and experimental approaches to sound in a broad range of contemporary music, including concert works, public space sound-art installations and multimedia interactive music. She is internationally renowned for her electroacoustic and acousmatic music, and use of 3D sound technology in composition. Her work is commissioned and performed throughout the world and has received over 20 international awards including the Nordic Council Music Prize and most recently the Thomas Seelig Fixed Media Award for 2023. She is also active in performance, education and research.

Silje Aker Johnsen is a soprano and dancer. She holds a PhD in Artistic Research from the Opera Academy, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, with the project «A search for an extended physical interpretation of contemporary vocal music and of opera». She is also educated at the Grieg Academy, Bergen, Universität der Künste, Berlin and the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. Silje made her debut with the Berliner Kammeroper in 2006.

She has guested the Norwegian National Opera in “Ballerina” by Synne Skouen, with “Her” by Erik Dæhlin and Silje Aker Johnsen and in several other works. She has worked as a dancer in the Polish Dance Theatre, where she amongst other pieces danced in Minus 2 by Ohad Naharin. She is a member of Ensemble Neon, who won Spellemannspris for their debut album in 2016.  Silje was awarded Performer of the Year 2013 by The Norwegian Society of Composers.

  • Lola Ajima (DK): acousmatic, 3D sound. Ejection chain reaction. 10 mins. Urfremføring

The microscopic size of fungi spores means they might only travel a few millimeters if ejected individually. Instead, the fungi synchronize spore ejections, creating a small, localized air stream. External cues can trigger the ejection of pioneer spores, causing mechanical changes in the surrounding tissue that trigger more ejections – An ejection chain reaction has started.

The piece takes inspiration from these chain reactions and investigates masses of sound particles, frequencies, densities and movements in space.

Lola Ajima /aka Boe Przemyslak (DK)  is an electroacoustique composer and live looper. She studied under Christine Groult, Marco Marine and Jonathan Prager at Conservatoire de Pantin in Paris. In 2018 she co-founded XYZ Sound Collective situated in Copenhagen (DK) that challenges the spatial experience of sound art.

  • Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet, live electronics). “Enjnj’kvestra astra” Improvisation-composition. 10 mins. EAU on spatialisation.

«Enjnj’kvestra astra» er gammalt jølstramål, og betyr «et annet sted». Hvor både forflyttinger av lydkilder og manipulasjoner av lyden til å bli noe annet tar lytteren rett og slett «Enjnj’kvestra astra».

Norwegian Hilde Marie Holsen processes her trumpet in the electronic realm, she blends the mournful tone of the brass instrument with the explorative field of electronic music to make music that sways somewhere between jazz, contemporary and drone music. 

  • Tor Halmrast (NO): POLINES for piano (2022). Sanae Yoshida sythesiser.
  • Tor Halmrast (NO): FLUTR (version 2022). Live spatialisation and work interpretation by EAU, plus possibly pianist (on synth).
  • Tor Halmrast (NO): POLINES for synthesiser (2022). Sanae Yoshida synthesiser. EAU live spatialisation and work interpretation.

Tor Halmrast skriver om sitt nye verk: «You wave your hands like fluttering wings,…but you cannot fly!».

“The piece is inspired by all aspects of fluttering: abnormal heartbeats, The world´s fluttering drive into disorder, rapid permutations of something that might be a melody trying to reach the sky but is trapped like a Flutter Echo between two parallel, reflecting surfaces common in many rooms. The major sound effect is the extensive use of an algorithm simulating not only the rhythmic and directional aspects of flutter echoes, but more important: the rapid, gradual change of timbre, (which in real rooms is due to diffraction and the transformation of spherical waves into plane waves), giving the mid-/high frequency “tail” typical of flutter echoes. This material is then manipulated further, with extreme settings that of course do not appear in real rooms. In order to perceive the “reflections between the “walls”, the piece is a mixture of two layers: a quadrophonic layer and a more overall layer incorporating all loudspeakers.

total 15 mins. Live spatialisation and work interpretation by EAU, plus possibly pianist (on synth).

Tor Halmrast died early and suddenly in the summer of 2022 after a period of illness. These three works are a memorial to a fantastic person and composer that will be greatly missed.

Tor Halmrast was educated as a civil engineer in acoustics at NTNU in Trondheim, and for almost his entire professional career, over 40 years, he was chief acoustician at Statsbygg. In 2020, Halmrast started a new job at COWI. In 1992 he composed the music for the Norwegian pavilion at the World Exhibition in Seville and won the award for best composition/sound design. Together with the poet Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, he created the radio opera “Alfa og Romeo”, which was awarded both the Prix Italia and the Edvard Prize in 1999. As recently as last year, his composition “Flutr” was nominated for Work of the Year by the Norwegian Composers Association.

EAU – Magnus Bugge’s “None” at Kulturnatt 2022

EAU are part of Vitensenteret’s programme for Kulturnatt 2022 in Trondheim.

This concert features a premier of Magnus Bugge’s “None”, which was spatialized by EAU’s Ernst van der Loo.

There will be two concerts on Friday the 16th of September 2022. The first concert is at 7pm, and the second is at 8pm. The second concert will include a short Q&A with Magnus Bugge. Both concerts are free.

More information is available at: https://vitensenteret.com/nb/kulturnatt2022

The concert is possible with the generous support of Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Composers’ Society.

EAU in collaboration with VoxLAB VårFEST

23 AUGUST 2022. 19.30-21:30. KULTURKIRKEN JAKOB, OSLO.

Welcome to Electric Audio Unit’s first collaboration concert after the summer hols!

This concert, in collaboration with VoxLab features premiers by Mariam Gviniashvili and Natasha Barrett, along with other works for voice and electronics. See you there!



‘The Transformer #1’ – Natasha Barrett (NO). Med sopran Silje Aker Johnsen (NO). Real-time 3D graphics, real-time multichannel sound. Composed using the new audio-visual performance instrument ‘The Transformer’. Premier!

‘Speak up before you have no voice’ – Mariam Gviniashvili (GE). Stereo sound with video. Premier!


‘Imaginary Real’: a program of theatrical works for voice, electronics and multichannel sound by Arsalan Abedian (IR/DE), Afshin Motlaghfard(IR), Joachim Heintz (DE), Martyna Kosecka(PL/NO), med sopran Sophia Körber (DE)

Supported by Norsk Kulturrådet, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Komponistenes Vederlagsfond og Norsk Komponistforening.



EAU-Audiorama PULS III: Konsert nr 7

25th March 2022, 18.00 Scenkonstmuseet, Stockholm

Audiorama in collaboration with Electric Audio Unit present a concert with acousmatic music in 3D by Ernst van der Loo, Else Marie Pade, Tine Surel Lange, Giuseppe Pisano, Mariam Gviniashvili & Matas Šablauskis.

The concert is curated by EAU guest composer and curator Giuseppe Pisano.

This PULS concert is presented by Audiorama in collaboration with Electric Audio Unit and EMS, as part of the Swedish Music Spring festival. Audiorama and EAU’s PUL project 2021/2022 are financed with support from the Nordic Culture Fund and Arts Council Norway.

Tickets: www.svenskmusikvar.se/kalendarium-2022

EAU presents four world premiers of 3D electroacoustic music

Marmorsalen, Sentralen. 25 March 2022, 19:00

EAU presents four world premiers of 3D electroacoustic music. Works by Norwegian composers Anders Tveit, Ernst van der Loo and Mariam Gviniashvili commissioned by EAU, the debut electroacoustic concert for Swedish Louisa Danielsson, and a Norwegian premier from Canadian composer Robert Normandeau.

  • Mariam Gviniashvili – Daydreaming (world premier)
  • Anders Tveit – Oni Mono (world premier)
  • Louisa Palmi – Blocks (world premier)
  • Ernst van der Loo (world premier)
  • Robert Noramdeau – Tunnel azur (Norwegian premier)

The concert is supported by Arts Council Norway and Norsk Komponistforening

Tickets: www.sentralen.no/tix-eventer/eau-presenterer-fire-elektroakustiske-urfremfringer-16048-33578

Audiorama PULS i Trondheim: 3D Elektroakustisk Musikk. 18/02/2022

Audiorama PULS i Trondheim: 3D Elektroakustisk Musikk. Vitensenteret (Planetarium), Trondheim. Fredag 18. februar. 19.30.

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) har den store gleden av å invitere de svenske 3D-lyd elektroniske musikerne Audiorama til å spille sitt nye PULS-program i Norge. PULS er Nordisk kulturfonds fireårige musikkinitiativ som har som mål å styrke den nordiske livemusikkscenen. I Trondheim vil Audiorama fremføre elektroakustiske verk av:

  • Aleksandra Slyz – Iridescence
  • Andrew Raffo Dewar – Spatial Study
  • Leo Correia de Verdier – Über die visionen des Daniel Paul Schreber
  • Bill Brunson – Creature Comforts
  • Rikard Lindell – Mental Landscapes

Vi følger smittevernreglene for våre gjester og utøveres sikkerhet.

The concert is supported by Arts Council Norway and the Nordic Cultural Council PULS project.

English: Electric Audio Unit (EAU) has the great pleasure to invite Swedish 3D-sound electronic music performance group Audiorama to bring their PULS program to Norway. PULS is The Nordic Culture Fund’s four-year music initiative aiming to strengthen the Nordic live music scene. In Oslo Audiorama will perform electroacoustic works by Aleksandra Slyz, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Leo Correia de Verdier, Bill Brunson and Rikard Lindell.

3D Musikk i Planetarium. Trondheim, Vitensenteret, 17/02/2022

EAU spiller 3D Musikk i Planetarium. Trondheim, Vitensenteret. Torsdag 17. Februar 2022. Kl 19:30

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) har gleden av å presentere en svært variert program av elektroakustisk musikk. Det blir musikk fra Quebec, Norge og Kolumbia i tillegg til en verdens premiere av Frank Ekebergs nytt verk Inflow. Etter denne konserten skal verket framføres på IEM i Graz, men vi i Trondheim får premieren.
Musikk av :

  • Adriana Ruiz (KO/UK) – Memories from the Pacific
  • Frank Ekeberg (NO) – Inflow (World premiere!)
  • Robert Normandeau (CA) – La part des anges
  • Mathieu Lacroix (NO/CA) – Fuck You, Capitalist Pig

Billettinformasjon kommer snart!

Vi følger smittevernreglene for våre gjester og utøveres sikkerhet.

Konserten er støttet av Kulturrådet. Vi er stolte partnere av Vitensenteret i Trondheim.

English: Electric Audio Unit has the pleasure of presenting a very varied program of electroacoustic music. There will be music from Quebec, Norway and Columbia as well as the world premiere of Frank Ekeberg’s new piece “Inflow”. After this concert the piece will also be played at IEM in Graz, but it is Trondheim that has the honour of premiering it. Music by Adriana Ruiz (KO/UK), Frank Ekeberg (NO), Robert Normandeau (CA) and Mathieu Lacroix (NO/CA).Ticket information coming soon!

We will follow all of the measure against covid for the audience’s and performers’ satefy.

Cikada | EAU | Nordheim. Sentralan, Oslo. 22/02/2022

Cikada | EAU | Nordheim. Sentralen (Marmorsalen), Oslo. Tirsdag 22. februar. 18.30

EAU og Cikada Duo samarbeider om denne konserten med verk av Arne Nordheim, Natasha Barrett og Ernst van der Loo. Kom og hør Nordheims verk ‘Link’ og ‘Colorazione’ i full surround, den norske premieren av Barretts 3D ambisonic-verk ‘Pockets of Space’ med digital video fra de kjente USA-baserte artistene Open Ended Group bestilt av IRCAM, og ‘Risk Assessment’ av Ernst van der Loo.

  • Link (Nordheim)
  • Pockets of Space (Musikk-Natasha Barrett; Video-Open Ended Group).
  • Risk Assessment (Ernst van der Loo)
  • Colorazione (Nordheim)


  • Bjørn Rabben (slagverk)
  • Kenneth Karlsson (synthesizere)
  • Natasha Barrett (spatialisering og live elektronikk)
  • Ernst van der Loo (spatialisering og live elektronikk)

About ‘Pockets of Space

Music: Natasha Barrett

Video: Open Ended Group

Pockets of Space is a collaboration between composer Natasha Barrett (NO/UK) and visual artists Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser, known collectively as OpenEndedGroup (USA).

The original work was for 7th order 3D ambisonics (high resolution 3D sound for a 64-loudspeaker hemisphere), 3D video and interactive 3D VR. This concert is performed over 24 speakers with 2D video projection.

Pockets of Space is an intricate interplay between our consciousness, computational systems, and our physical environment. Everywhere we look and hear, points and lines of light and sound form tangled networks that continually reshape themselves. Sound and images gather into masses, scamper into noise and then invert into purer tones, before coalescing to reconfigure space. These otherworldly computer visions are all somehow conjured up from close readings of the real world; a connection revealed when on reaching the end, we see the work materialize in reality.

The work was commissioned by IRCAM and premiered at the Pompidou Centre, Paris.

The concert is supported by Arts Council Norway.