Streaming Concert:

30.04.2020 – 19:00-24:00 (UTC+2:00)

Thanks for watching!

The concert lasts ca. 1 hour. Plug in your headphones and press play!

For best listening and viewing experience, please select the highest possible resolution in the player.

Electric Audio Unit (EAU) turns around the physical concert no-go-zone into a place for new experiences!

On the 30th April we launch our first binaural concert, streamed to you from virtual spaces from around the world. Spaces which may have required you to jump on a plane to experience are now as impossible to visit as those around the corner. We transport these experiences to you in the comfort of your own home as immersive 3-D concerts which you can listen to on your favourite headphones.

You might not be sitting physically beside your friends and other audience members, but there is no fighting for the best seats: everyone has equal access!

This internet concert is free. However, if you appreciate what you see and hear, you may consider donating a sum through Vipps: xxxxxx